Manage articles

Search, sort, filter, bulk edit, and export articles under Knowledge Base > Manage.

Manage articles


Are you looking for one place to easily navigate through all of your existing content? The Manage page gives you access to exactly that, and more!

To access the Manage page go to Knowledge Base > Manage.

You will be taken to the Manage Articles page which contains a full list of your articles. The list can be sorted or filtered based on several parameters.

Access an Article

To access an article, click on the article title. You will be taken to the article editor and can make any necessary changes to the article there.

If the article that you are looking for is not on the first page of the article list, you can search for the article. Enter the article title in the search bar (found on the upper right of the Manage Articles page).

Filter Article List

You can filter your list of articles according to Standard built-in filters. We also give you the ability to create Custom filter rules.

The Standard filter options are:

  • All Non Deleted (will display all articles in your knowledge base)
  • Published (will display all published articles in your knowledge base)
  • Draft (will display all articles with a status of Draft in your knowledge base)
  • Deleted (will display all deleted articles in your knowledge base)
  • Out of Date (will display all articles that have not been modified in the last 6 months)

To create a custom filter, click on Create New Filter. Give your filter a name and use the available settings to build your custom filter rule.

Sort Article List

The list of articles on your Manage Articles page can be sorted based on the following columns:

  • Article Name (sort this from A to Z or Z to A)
  • Last Modified (sorted by date - newest to oldest or oldest to newest)
  • Date Created (sorted by date - newest to oldest or oldest to newest)

To sort your article list, click on one of the sortable column headers.