Custom PDF exports

Custom PDFs can be created from your knowledge base content, including only the categories and articles you specify. Custom PDFs are stored and can be regenerated on demand.

Custom PDFs include all the options of the Standard PDF:

  • Customizable cover page
  • Choose whether to start each article on a new page
  • Choose whether to include restricted content
  • Exclude video content
  • Specify A4 vs. US Letter page size
  • Add a watermark and/or a password
  • Add a custom footer

Create a Custom PDF

  1. Go to Knowledge Base Exports > Custom PDF and click on Create New Custom PDF.
  2. Customize the options, select which articles or categories you want to include, and click on Save and Generate PDF at the bottom of the page.
  3. Once the PDF finishes generated, you can click on Download to download a copy of the newly generated PDF. You can also click on View PDF Download Embed Code to copy and paste the embed code which can be inserted into HTML in your knowledge base.

Regenerate a Custom PDF

Custom PDFs are a snapshot of your articles at the date and time your PDF is generated. If your articles change, you will want to re-generate your PDFs to update the content. 

To regenerate a custom PDF, go to Knowledge Base Exports > Custom PDF and on Regenerate for the PDF that needs to be updated. If you have embedded the PDF in your knowledge base, regenerating it will also update the links you've embedded.