A breadcrumb is a navigation aid that allows website readers to keep track of their locations within programs or documents:

In the screenshot above, the breadcrumbs allow us to see how we got to the "Adding images and files to articles" article. We clicked on Home, then the Write the docs category, and then the Files and images subcategory.

When breadcrumbs are enabled, all categories and subcategories will be displayed in breadcrumbs unless they have been hidden from both the table of contents and the home page / parent category landing page.

Categories with both the "Hide from table of contents" and the "Hide from home page / parent category landing page" boxes checked will not show in breadcrumbs. See Hide a category from navigation for more information.

Enable/Disable breadcrumbs

New knowledge bases automatically have breadcrumbs enabled. If you need to enable or disable breadcrumbs:

  1. Go to Settings > Basic.
  2. In the Website Settings section, find the Navigation heading.
  3. Check the Enable breadcrumbs box to enable breadcrumbs, or uncheck the box to disable breadcrumbs.
    Screenshot of the Basic Settings page, with an arrow pointing to the The Enable breadcrumbs checkbox
  4. Be sure to Save your changes.

If you'd like to replace the word "Home" in your breadcrumbs, you can use the Table of Contents section of the Customize Text tool to update it.