Comment security

Comments have some built-in security measures to prevent issues such as spam, abusive comments, or private information from being posted for all to see. Public commenters must pass the robot test. By default, all comments go into a moderation queue for approval; only approved comments are shown.

SPAM, reCAPTCHA, or the Robot Test

Spam is mostly a concern with comments on publicly accessible knowledge bases. To combat spam, we've added reCAPTCHA when folks who are not logged in comment. Most of your commenters will be able to comment by clicking a box confirming they are, in fact, not a robot. If reCAPTCHA notices anything fishy, the commenter will have to perform an additional task that robots would have a difficult time performing but are fairly straightforward for humans.

  Sample comments field that a public reader would see--note the "I'm not a robot" on the right

Logged in readers and authors will not see reCAPTCHA.

If you're using a KnowledgeOwl subdomain (such as, reCAPTCHA is handled as part of our domain. If you're using a private domain, you'll need to configure reCAPTCHA for your domain.