Engage with your readers by allowing them to comment on your articles!


Comment restrictions and permissions
You can choose who can comment and view comments on your articles. The two main groups are everyone and only logged in readers and users. Enable comments  turns on comments. Comments will appear where you place the comment merge code...
Comment security and moderation
Comments have some built-in security measures to prevent issues such as spam, abusive comments, or private information from being posted for all to see. Public commenters must pass the robot test, and all comments go into a moderation queue, and onl...
Commenter icons / images / avatars
Comments include not only the name of the commenter but also an image. This is the default image and the image that will appear for public comments: Logged in users and readers can customize their image / icon when commenting. Images / ic...
Comments pending approval
New comments will appear in the Comments Pending Approval report. Editors will be able to approve or deny each comment. Only approved comments will appear in the knowledge base.