Hide tags from Search Results

KnowledgeOwl search results will automatically display all tags assigned to a given article :

Sample of Tags showing in Search Results

However, if you're using tags for custom filters in the Manage Articles interface, you might not want those internal tags to be shown in search results.

You can mark tags like this as hidden from readers. Hiding a tag from readers:

  • Keeps it visible in the article editor and category editor
  • Allows it to be used as a filter in Manage Articles custom filters
  • Prevents the tag from appearing in search results in your knowledge base
  • Prevents the tag from appearing in the typeahead suggestions when a reader types ":" to begin a tag search

To hide an existing tag from readers:

  1. Go to Library > Tags.
  2. Click to select the tag you'd like to hide from readers.
  3. Click on the Edit link.
    Select the tag you'd like to hide and click Edit
  4. In the edit pop-up that appears, under Visibility, check the box next to "Hide tag from readers."
  5. Click the Edit Tag button to finalize your changes.
    Check the box to Hide tag from readers, then click Edit Tag to finalize your changes
  6. Regular tags will have a normal tag icon in the Tags Library; tags hidden from readers will have a padlock icon. Here, "javascript" is a tag readers can see, and "tipsandtricks" is hidden from readers:
    Sample tags; the tag on the left with the tag icon is viewable to readers; the tag on the right with the padlock is not