Wisdom Wednesdays

A couple times a month, we host a drop-in session online on Wednesday afternoons to walk through how to get the most from existing features, introduce you to new features, or discuss best practices. See what's scheduled next or view past recordings here!


Wisdom Wednesdays Overview
Here's an overview of the Wisdom Wednesday format so you know what to expect!
September 27th: SMTP changes and Microsoft OAuth2 SMTP
Join us on September 27th to learn about the new Your Account > SMTP menu, the migration of all SMTP services into that menu, and Microsoft OAuth2 SMTP.
 Advanced Search walkthrough (Aug. 30th)
Watch our walkthrough of Advanced Search, the new search feature you can use to search articles' underlying HTML.
 Using the Customize Text tool to change your article template (July 5th)
Watch this recorded session to learn how to customize the Article template text using the Customize Text tool.
 Version review and activation (June 7th)
Join us 2 hours earlier than normal on Wednesday, June 7th, for our session on version review and activation!
 Versions & revisions (May 24th)
Join us this Wednesday, May 24th, for part one in a two-part WW series on versions! This session, we'll cover an overview of versions and revisions, version activation, and version best practices.
 Topic display category tabs layout (April 26th)
In this session, we'll walk through the new tabs display option for topic display categories and the changes to the category editor layout.
 Article Favorites (April 12th)
Learn how to enable article favorites so your readers can quickly favorite and access up to 10 articles.
 Guest presentation on a reader Scavenger Hunt (March 29th)
In our first-ever guest Wisdom Wednesday, a KB admin shares the reader scavenger hunt she's been using in her knowledge base.
 Three use cases for snippets (March 15th)
Learn three ways you can use snippets with little to no coding experience: for messaging consistency, text variables, and script embeds. 😉
 Get the most from topic display categories (March 1)
Review our March 1st recording to learn about recent and upcoming enhancements to topic display categories, as well as some tips & tricks for using these categories to their full extent!
 Give your knowledge base a makeover with icon panels subcategory display (Feb. 15th)
See the recording of our February 15th session on the new Icon Panels subcategory display option.
 Sharing files: embeds, links, and URL directs, oh my! (Feb. 1)
In this session, we covered different ways you can choose to share files in your knowledge base, and the pros and cons of different approaches.
 Customize Text Tool (Jan. 18th)
Learn all about our newest addition to the Tools menu: the Customize Text tool! Use it to customize some of the default placeholder text we use across your knowledge base for navigation and search.
 Intro to File References (Jan. 4th)
Learn more about how File References work and how you might use them!
 New theme updates! (Dec. 14th)
Join us to get a more detailed walkthrough of new theme merge codes/functionality and our new-from-scratch theme!
 Updating images & files (Nov. 30th)
Learn several ways you can use features or processes to keep images and files in KnowledgeOwl up-to-date.
 Using tags + Manage filters for fast docs updates/audits (Nov. 16th)
Learn the features and steps we use so that when we update documentation for a new release, we have total confidence we updated everything AND we can get it done within a few minutes.
 How to get the most from glossary (Oct.26th)
Join us at 2pm EDT for a session on how to structure your glossary terms and definitions to get the most from glossary functionality.
 In-line and side-by-side images (Oct. 19th)
This week's Wisdom Wednesday is on working with side-by-side images, with some best practices for in-line images in general thrown in for good measure. ;-)
 Get the most out of search (Oct. 12th)
See the recording of the October 12th Wisdom Wednesday session on getting the most out of search.
 Broken Links Report (Oct. 5th)
See the recording of the October 5th Wisdom Wednesday session on the Broken Links Report.