Internal title

For each article, besides adding a short title to be used in the table of contents, you can also add an Internal Title. Internal titles are used only within -- they aren't things your readers see when viewing the knowledge base.

Internal titles can be useful when you might have a lot of articles with very similar names, just in different categories, and you want to be sure you're selecting the correct article when you use:

They can also be useful when you want to call an article one thing to your end-users, and something else to your content contributors.

Sample internal article title. Readers will see "It's owl good" as the title, but within, the article appears as "Search announcement".

The internal title is displayed instead of the Full Article Title in these places within

To add an internal title:

  1. With the article open in the editor, click the Add Internal Title link to the right of the Full Article Title.
  2. Enter the title you'd like to use in the Internal Article Title box that appears.
  3. Save your article.

You can remove an internal title using the Remove Internal Title link in the editor.