Articles are individual pages or topics that can show up in search. Learn how to create and edit articles.

Create a new article

Learn how to create a new article from scratch, reuse other articles, and use article templates.

Edit an article

Learn how to write and edit content in KnowledgeOwl's WYSIWYG and code view editors, including: adding images and file assets, linking to other sites, adding code examples, and the editor's keyboard shortcuts.

Reuse, link, and recommend articles

Learn how to link between articles, share a whole article's content, and set up related articles and page recommendations.

Article settings

Learn about article settings, statuses, and permissions, including: tags, internal notes, titles, group and team restrictions, and hiding and showing articles.

Versioning and history

Use article versioning to manage new iterations of your content, and leverage automatic revisions to recover content.

Reorder and move articles

Reorder articles within a section, or move articles between sections.