Reactivating a webhook

If you've been using a webhook and the endpoint you set up stops accepting our webhooks sends, we automatically deactivate that webhook after 24 hours of consecutive failed retries.

If we do deactivate a webhook, you'll see a warning when viewing the webhook:

Sample deactivated webhook warning

If you get a report that a webhook-based integration isn't working, head to Your Account > Webhooks and see if the webhook in question has this warning.

Reactivate a deactivated webhook

To reactivate a deactivated webhook: 

  1. Fix whatever caused the sends to fail for 24 consecutive hours in the first place. Sometimes that means updating the endpoint KnowledgeOwl has for the webhook. Sometimes it means fixing the endpoint that's receiving them. 
  2. Go to Your Account > Webhooks.
  3. If you need to update the endpoint of the webhook settings, make those changes.
  4. Click the Update button for the deactivated webhook. This should trigger reactivation and whatever webhook events that trigger this webhook should begin triggering the webhook. Usually after reactivation you should see an initial ping go through to the webhook.