Body Merge Codes

Here are the available template merge codes for use in Settings > Style > Custom HTML > Body. All merge codes except "contents" will also work inside articles.

Template Merge CodeDescriptionExample
[template("project-logo")]The "project-logo" merge code will display whatever image you have uploaded under Settings > Style > Logo. You can change the logo there or by replacing the original file in your library.Knowledge Base Logo
[template("project-name")]The "project-name" merge code will display the knowledge base name from Settings > Basic.KnowledgeOwl Support
[template("contact")]The "contact" merge code will display a "Contact Us" link to your contact form if you have this feature enabled. You can enable your contact form under Knowledge Base > Contact Form. You can also customize your contact form link or add it to the table of contents.Contact Us
[template("searchbar")]The "searchbar" merge code will display a search bar with the text "Search for articles".
[template("contents")]The "contents" merge code will display the contents of the current page whether that is the home page, the contact form, or an article.This merge code does not work inside articles. If it did, it would create an infinite loop of loading content inside of content. It might be fun to see, but it would break KnowledgeOwl horribly.
Checks if the current viewer is an author. Returns a "true" value if the viewer is an author and a "false" value if they are not.true