You can choose from the four basic themes we offer when using our theme builder on the Settings > Style page. Each theme has a different layout and style associated with it:

  • Minimalist is our most recent theme, inspired by the awesome custom themes many of our customers have used for their own knowledge bases. Featuring a pared down design with a slide out table of contents, this theme puts the focus on what matters: the content.

    This is the theme currently applied to our support knowledge base, check it out!

  • Classic has the standard navigation bar across the top with a table of contents that scrolls independent from the contents of the page. It takes up the full screen.
  • Modern has the standard navigation bar across the top but the content is centered on a visible background. The table of contents scrolls will the page and not independent of the article content.

  • Clayton is a theme created by and name for one of our lovely customers. Rather than having a standard navigation bar across the top, the navigation is all in the left hand column with the table of contents, allowing the content of your knowledge base to span the full height of your screen.