What are merge codes?

Merge codes act as placeholders for content. KnowledgeOwl replaces the merge code with the appropriate content when it builds the page. They are mainly used when creating custom layouts, look and feel. They can also allow you to create dynamic content.

Example one: creating custom layouts

When creating a custom article layout, adding the [article("title")] merge code results in KnowledgeOwl displaying the article title at that point in the document.

Example two: adding pieces of functionality

There are also merge codes that add larger pieces of functionality. For example, [template("up-articles")] causes KnowledgeOwl to display a list of recently updated articles.

Using this HTML:

<h1>This is a title</h1>
<p>And this is your article content.</p>
<p>Now, imagine you want a list of recently updated articles at the end of this page . . . </p>

Results in this:

Screenshot of a knowledge base output featuring a title, some dummy content, and an auto-generated list of recently updated articles.