How can I tell multiple shared child articles apart?

The messages for shared child content articles include the article name and the knowledge base name. This works great if your parent and child are in different knowledge bases; but what if you have multiple children in the same knowledge base, and the same title for each?

You can certainly right-click on one of those articles to see which category it's in, to tell them apart.

But this similarly-named article issue can become troublesome a number of places (like creating Link to Article, or adding a Related Article). What's an owl to do?

This is exactly what internal article titles were created for! The internal article title lets you set a title for the article that is only displayed within In this case, I could set my internal title to be something like "Onboarding procedure - Customer A" and "Onboarding procedure - Customer B". The articles will still display their full title ("Onboarding procedure") to readers, but all admins working in the editor will see that internal title instead.