Topic Articles

You can set an internal flag to mark any article in your knowledge base as a Topic Article.

Topic articles appear in search and the table of contents like any other article. But they can also be embedded within other articles. This will embed the body of the topic article without the title. This is great for content that needs to be displayed as a set of preliminary or introductory steps, hidden from certain groups, and so on.

If you're looking for a solution that's not searchable on its own, but still has this reusable element, consider using snippets instead!

Create a topic article

You can make any article into a topic article by checking the Internal Flag box for Topic - Embed this content within other articles in the article editor. Be sure to click Save to save your changes.

Insert a topic article into another article

Once you have one or more topic articles created, you can insert them in other articles.

  1. In the article you want to display the topic article in, click the Insert Topic Article icon in the editor: 
  2. This will open a pop-up where you can search for articles that have been flagged as topic articles.
  3. Type in the name of the topic article you want to insert. The search will autosuggest as you type. Once you find the topic article you want to insert, click on it and click the Insert Topic Article button. Inserting a topic article
  4. You'll see a [[kb-topic:xxxxx]] inserted.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

The body of your topic article will now display within the main article.

Use Cases

There are three main use cases for topic articles.

Reused text

As Linus works on his documentation, he has an article that details a series of steps all of his support agents have to go through every time they access customer information. This set of steps appears at the start of roughly half of his documentation. Rather than copy and paste these steps into every other document or link out to those steps, he can set the login steps article as a Topic article. Then he can insert this topic article into each of the documents where those are preliminary steps.

There are two advantages to this: it saves him time (inserting a topic article takes only a couple seconds) and it keeps the steps more consistent. If the steps change, he only needs to edit the topic article and all the related articles will display those new, updated steps.

Customer-facing documentation with internal-only text

One of the knowledge bases Linus works on is a customer-facing product support knowledge base. But Linus also has a team of customer support agents who reference these documents. He wants to be able to include support-specific steps in those customer-facing documents, without having to create copies or a separate knowledge base.

Topic articles, like all articles, can be shown or hidden based on the Restrict to Groups settings. Linus can create the support-specific steps as a topic article. When he inserts that topic article into his customer-facing documentation, he can put it in the section of the customer documentation it's most relevant for. Customers won't be able to see it, but his support agents will be able to see it.

Video or file libraries

Linus has a knowledge base where each video is its own article, in different categories. But he wants to be able to display a collection of his videos in one place, as a kind of video library. He can set each video article to be a topic article, and then he can create a single longer article and insert each of his video library topic articles into it.

This allows each of his videos to be searchable and navigable independently, but also makes it easy for him to have a consolidated library of all of his resources.