Delete a tag

Once a tag has been created, you can delete it from the Tag Library. This will remove the tag from all articles or categories where it's been used.

Our default Editor and Writer roles have permission to delete tags. If you're using a custom author role, that role must have the Tag Permission to Delete tags.

To do so:

  1. Go to Library > Tags.
  2. Click on the tag or tags you'd like to delete. (If you have a lot of tags, you may need to search to find the tags you want.)
  3. Once you've clicked on one or more tags, the Delete link will activate. Click that link.
    Select the tag(s) you'd like to delete and click the Delete link
  4. This will open a confirmation pop-up to be sure you want to delete these tags. Click OK to delete them.
    Click OK to confirm the deletion of the tags you selected
  5. All the tags you selected will be deleted and removed from any articles or categories that referenced them.