Make individual articles required

Once Required Reading is enabled, a Required Reading section will appear in the article editor (between URL Redirect and Inherited Restrictions).

To mark an article as required:

  1. Open the article for editing.
  2. In the righthand column, check the Required box in the Required Reading section (between URL Redirect and Inherited Restrictions).
  3. Select the Set Next Start Date button that appears. Use the date picker to select your Start Date. You cannot pick a date in the future!
    A Start Date must be set for the article to appear as required for readers and for acknowledgements to be properly attributed.
  4. Be sure to Save your article.

You cannot set articles in topic display categories, URL redirect articles, or custom content categories to be required. If you're interested in marking topic display categories' articles or custom content categories as required, please contact us and let us know you'd like to be added to our feature requests for this functionality!

Once you save an article as required and add a Start Date:

See Retrigger the same article for new acknowledgement for adding additional Start Dates and Remove requirement or start date for removing a start date or unmarking an article as required.