Allow Google log in for readers

You can allow readers to sign up for and log in to your knowledge base with their Google account.

To set up Google log in for readers:

  1. Open up Settings > Security in KnowledgeOwl and Google APIs and Services.
    Go to Settings > Security and scroll down to Reader Sign Ins Using Google. Click on Google credentials settings to create a new project using Google APIs. 
  2. Set up your OAuth consent screen.
    Click OAuth consent screen and complete the set up. You must provide an email address and product name.
  3. Create OAuth client ID credentials and insert your KnowledgeOwl redirect URIs.
    Click Create credentials > OAuth client id and choose Web application. Enter "KnowledgeOwl" as the name, and copy the Google Login Redirect URL and the Google Signup Redirect URL from KnowledgeOwl into the Authorized redirect URIs fields.
  4. Set up your client ID and secret in KnowledgeOwl.
    Click create to get your client ID and client secret. Copy and paste your client ID and client secret into the corresponding fields in KnowledgeOwl. Save.
  5. Turn on Google log in for readers in KnowledgeOwl.
    Go to Your Account > Readers > Settings and check "Allow readers to log in using their Google account" next to Allow Google Sign In. To allow readers to sign up using Google, check "Allow people to sign up to become a reader" as well. Save.