Homepage Overview

Your knowledge base's homepage is the initial landing page that readers will see if they go to your default link. Usually, the homepage includes things like customer support contact information, announcements, or a description of what the knowledge base contains. You can also show a list of newest and most popular articles!

There are two places you can edit your homepage:

  1. The homepage editor (Knowledge Base > Home Page), which provides a WYSIWYG editor experience (used most often in older knowledge bases):
    Sample homepage template
  2. The Custom HTML for the home page (Settings > Style, Custom HTML > Home Page), which accepts raw HTML and is used more often in newer knowledge bases. The text entered in the editor of Knowledge Base > Home Page gets inserted where the homepage("body") template is here:
    Sample homepage Custom HTML

Knowledge bases created on or after October 2022 use the Settings > Style > Custom HTML > Home Page for most styling. Knowledge bases created prior to October 2022, or created from copies of knowledge bases created before then, may use Knowledge Base > Home Page or a combination of the two.

If you are editing Settings > Style > Custom HTML > Home Page, the homepage("body") template mergecode must appear in the Custom HTML for the Home Page, even if Knowledge Base > Home Page is empty.

In Knowledge Base > Home Page, why does my home page look different in the editor than it does live?

The WYSIWYG editor will not necessarily pull in all of your Custom CSS or any code-based formats that run in your live knowledge base. We recommend using the Preview button and/or saving and reloading the homepage to make sure things are looking as they should be.

Can I style my home page separately from everything else?

Yes you can. For Custom CSS rules, prepend your rules with the homepage class to ensure they only apply on the homepage: .hg-home-page