Widget Installation

As of August 2022, we have deprecated the Legacy and Modern widgets. See Deprecation of Modern & Legacy widget for more information.

To install the widget in your site or application, you will need to have access to make updates to the HTML code. Once you have access, follow these steps to install the widget:

  1. In KnowledgeOwl go to Settings > Widget.
  2. Configure the widget to your liking. Save.
  3. Scroll down to where the "Modern Embed Code" section is located and click in the text area to highlight the code. Copy all the code to your clipboard.
  4. In your site or application, locate the closing </body> tag and paste the embed code right above it. If you don't want the widget to run on every page you can insert the code inside of the body tags on any page you wish the widget to run.
  5. Verify that the widget styles are consistent with the rest of your site. By default, the widget will inherit the CSS styles from the site it's embedded on, so you may need to update styles to get the correct look and feel to match your site or application's branding.

NOTE: The widget will accept custom variables to be passed into it that can be used for things like showing conditional content. The syntax for setting these custom fields is displayed in the code itself under "Optional Custom Variable Example". The custom variable "cust_email" can be used to pre-fill the email address field used in the contact form portion of the widget.