In-app version review process, custom content categories

If you'd like other KnowledgeOwl authors with access to the editor to review your custom content category version, you can mark versions as Ready for Review. Since custom content categories do not show up in Manage, though, you'll need to figure out some other workflow for notifying other authors that the category's version is ready for review.

To mark a custom content category version as ready for review:

  1. Be sure you have the correct version open in the category editor.
  2. Click the Ready for review checkbox.
  3. Then Save.

Ready for review checkbox This will add a Ready badge to the version:

Version "READY" badge

Reviewing authors can add feedback in the Version Notes field, make edits themselves, or activate the version.

Have multiple versions ready for review that you'd like to activate? You can activate versions marked Ready for review in bulk using the Manage articles bulk editing interface and this same filter!