We realize that your knowledge base content is subject to change. Perhaps your internal policies have been updated or the software you are documenting has undergone a major change to its interface.

You will need to update your knowledgbe base content and it can be really daunting to do those edits in the already published article.

KnowledgeOwl allows you to:

  • Create different Versions of your articles (minor or major versions).
  • Make updates/edits in the new version rather than the currently published version.
  • Publish the new version in place of your existing article once the version is ready to go.

Some of the benefits or using versions include:

  • Making edits to a version instead of the currently published article.
  • Versions allow you to create an updated article ahead of time - the new version can then be published to coincide with a software release or policy update.
  • Older versions can serve as back-ups and will allow you to easily reference historical content.


  1. Access the article that you need to update.
  2. Locate the Versions (in the right hand column) and click Create a new version
  3. Select either Minor Version (+0.01) or Major Version (+1.0) and click Create.

    NOTE: A Minor Version is great for small updates (text changes, new screenshots, etc.). A Major Version is great for large updates to your content (an internal policy change or a major software release).
  4. Once your new version is created, you will automatically be taken to that version to perform your edits. You can toggle between different versions by clicking on the version number.

    NOTE: The published version will be notated by (current). The version you are currently editing will be notated by (viewing).

To publish a new version, check the Publish this version box in the right column and click Save.