Customize your reader password reset emails

Reader password reset emails are sent to readers when:

  • they request a password reset
  • an administrator resets their password

The standard text for these password reset emails is:

Hi [reader's first name]!

Your password has been reset. Please log into any of the following knowledge bases and update your password:

[Title(s) of knowledge base(s) the reader has access to]

[Link(s) to knowledge base(s) the reader has access to]


You may log in with the following credentials:

Username: [reader's username]

Password: [reader's password]

After logging in, you will be asked to update your password.

You can customize this reader welcome email. To do so:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select Readers from the dropdown to access the Readers area of your account.
  3. Open the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll to the Reader Password Reset section.
    Default reader password reset email
  5. You can make changes to:
    • From Name: The name displayed when the email is sent.
      Some SMTP providers will ignore this From Name and will use the name associated with the email address/account configured in the SMTP service instead. If you aren't using your own Custom SMTP for this, the name should work. :)
    • Reply To email address: If someone replies to the email, this is the email address that it will send to. This can be any valid email address.
    • Subject: The subject line of the password reset email. This reset email is used for all knowledge bases in your account so if you have multiple knowledge bases, you may want to make it general/generic.
    • Body: The actual body of the email. This field requires straight HTML. (If you haven't worked with HTML before, you can create what you want in an article and then click the Code View or Source button to copy the HTML formatting!)
      Password and Login/Username are required.
      • The -- Select a Merge Code -- dropdown at the bottom allows you to add KnowledgeOwl variables such as the reader's first or last name. The existing template uses the merge codes for:
        • Reader first name
        • List of KBs reader has access to
        • Reader Login / Username
        • Reader Password
  6. Once you've finished making changes, Save the settings.

If you have multiple knowledge bases, this reader password reset email template is used for ALL of your knowledge bases.

Here's a sample change, where we've updated the From Name, Reply To, and Subject, and added a statement at the bottom:

Sample edited reader welcome email