Purge deleted readers

When an admin author deletes a reader, the reader account still exists and can be viewed using the Deleted filter.

To permanently delete readers, use the Purge Deleted Readers option.

Purging deleted readers will completely and totally delete all record of all readers in the Deleted filter from KnowledgeOwl's systems. This can be useful for GDPR compliance or just keeping your Readers list tidy.

Purged reader accounts CANNOT be recovered.

Deleted readers can only be purged by authors with:

  • Full Admin rights
  • Admin access to readers AND Admin ability to purge readers rights

See Author permissions for more information on these Admin Rights.

To purge deleted readers:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select Readers from the dropdown to access the Readers area of your account.
  3. If you have appropriate permissions and there are Deleted readers available to be purged, the Purge Deleted Readers option will appear in the link options near the top of the page. Click that link to begin the process:
  4. This will open a confirmation pop-up warning you that this action cannot be undone. To proceed with the reader purge, type PURGE READERS into the box.
  5. Once you type the correct phrase, the Purge button becomes activated. Select that button to begin the purge.
    Sample purge deleted readers pop-up. Type the appropriate text and select Purge to begin the purge.
  6. While the purge is running, a progress bar displays across the Readers page. This will display to any authors with appropriate access who view this page while the purge is running.
    Sample purging progress bar
  7. Once the purge is complete, that progress bar is replaced with a success message:
    Sample purge complete success message

At this point, your Deleted filter should be empty and the Purge Deleted Readers option will disappear until you have more Deleted readers available for purging.