Readers and reader filters

Learn how to navigate the Readers interface, create and edit readers, and create and edit reader filters.


Readers overview
Learn what readers are and become familiar with the Readers interface.
What's the difference between a user and a reader?
Learn the differences between users (who login to and readers (who access your knowledge base only).
Create a reader
Learn how to create a reader.
Create readers in bulk
Learn how to upload a csv file to import and create multiple readers at once.
Search for readers
You can search your Readers list using all or portions of the name, email address, or reader ID.
Create a custom reader filter
Learn how to create a custom filter in the Readers interface.
Edit a custom reader filter
Learn how to edit an existing custom readers filter.
Delete a custom reader filter
Learn how to delete a custom reader filter.
Edit readers in bulk
You can bulk edit readers to activate or delete them, change reader group assignments, and knowledge base access.
How do reader groups work?
You can use reader groups to display different content to different readers. Learn the high-level overview of how this feature works.