Glossary look and feel

Change the look and feel of glossary term highlighting and definition pop-overs, the glossary page, and glossary terms shown in search results.


Customize how highlighted glossary terms and definitions look
Learn how to change the default underlining treatment for glossary terms or the style for the glossary definition pop-up.
Keep glossary header visible when scrolling
Use these steps to keep the Glossary header and letter navigation visible at all times on the Glossary page.
Style the letters at the top of the glossary
Learn how to change the font color and style of the letter hyperlinks at the top of the Glossary page.
Add search to the glossary page
Use these steps to add a standalone search box to the Glossary page to allow readers to search the glossary page only.
Style the glossary snippet search results
If you've enabled the option to display glossary snippets in your search results, see how you can style those search results.
Add a print icon to the Glossary page
Learn how to add a print icon to your knowledge base glossary.