Create a new SMTP service: Unauthenticated

It's rare for an SMTP provider to not require authentication of some kind, but since we've had requests for it in the past, you have the option to add an unauthenticated SMTP service.

Only use this type of SMTP authentication if you've confirmed your SMTP provider doesn't require authentication!

Before you configure the SMTP service in KnowledgeOwl, check with your SMTP provider for their specific instructions. You may need to contact your IT administrator to help set this up.

Once you have detailed instructions for your SMTP provider, you can begin setting up your new SMTP service. To do so:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select SMTP from the dropdown.
  3. Select the + Configure New Service button.
  4. This will open the Create SMTP Service page:
  5. Add a Friendly Name. This is the name that will be displayed in SMTP dropdowns for individual features, so it should describe the SMTP service in some way.
  6. Add the SMTP Host. This is the address your email server provides for the SMTP host.
  7. Add the Port. Most providers will have specific recommended ports. Where possible and supported, we recommend using port 587, as this is the port used by modern email servers for secure submission of email for delivery. If you'd like to encrypt emails during transmission, we recommend using port 587 with TLS enabled unless otherwise directed by your provider.
  8. Add the Send From Address. The email address that will show up in the "From" field for all emails sent using this SMTP service.
    If you're using Google's SMTP, it will automatically override whatever Send From address you use here with the SMTP Username.
  9. Optional: Add a Reply To Address. This allows you to specify a Reply-to address different from the Send From Address.
  10. Optional: Add a Send From Name. This is the name that will show up in the "From" field for any emails sent using this SMTP service.
  11. If your SMTP provider does not require authentication, in the Authentication section, select Unauthenticated.
  12. Once you've finished completing all fields, click Create to finish creating the SMTP service.
  13. Once the service is created, a Send Test Email button will appear below the Authentication section:
    We strongly recommend sending a test email to confirm your SMTP is set up correctly. If it's not set up correctly, we'll try to show you an error message to help you determine what's wrong. Error messages should be one of two types:
    1. Basic validation: we'll alert you if the email addresses you've entered don't follow standard email address conventions or if no fields have been left blank. 
    2. SMTP provider validation: if the error comes from the call to your SMTP provider, we'll return the error message they provide.
  14. Once you receive the successful confirmation message after sending a test email, your SMTP service is fully configured!

You can now use this SMTP in:

KnowledgeOwl IP Address

If you need to set up an exception for these communications with your SMTP provider, see Required IP addresses for more details.