Modern WYSIWYG Editor

Modern editor looking weird? Try a hard refresh: Shift+F5 on a PC and Command+R on a Mac.

The modern WYSIWYG editor is here to stay! If you aren't sure which editor you are using, here's a quick visual guide:

New KnowledgeOwl WYSIWYG Editor
Modern WYSIWYG Editor in KnowledgeOwl

Legacy KnowledgeOwl WYSIWYG Editor
Legacy WYSIWYG Editor in KnowledgeOwl

Is the legacy editor going away?

Not anytime soon. We never want to make any change to negatively impact our customers, and we understand that many of your have grown accustomed to and work effectively in our legacy editor. What's more, the modern editor is not supported in older browsers like Internet Explorer 9, so if you are still using that, you will want to be using the legacy editor until you are able to upgrade to a newer browser.

Will you be upgrading the legacy editor?

We will not be making any enhancements to the legacy editor; all modern WYSIWYG features and functionality will be done solely in the modern editor, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to make the switch. We want to be able to add awesome new features and functionality to the editor based on your feedback, and the modern editor makes it much easier for us to do that.  We will do our best to fix any bugs that arise in the legacy editor, but our focus will be on improving the modern editor moving forward.

What are the benefits of the modern editor?

There's lots to love. In additional to a slick, modern, and clear interface, there's also better support for...

  • Images
    • Copy and paste
    • Add captions
    • Easily center
    • Choose between block (break text) or inline
    • Drag and drop responsive resize
    • Quick styles (rounded corners, circular, thumbnails, or responsive)
    • Quick alt text
  • Video
    • Embed via third-party URL or embed code without going to Source
    • Upload to KO  and embed in HTML5 video
  • Copy and paste
    • Copy and paste images
    • Copy and paste text cleanly from Word or Google Docs
  • Spacing
    • Enter/return now creates line breaks, making it easy to add manual spacing in your content
  • Styles
    • Magic wands allows you to quickly add wells, alerts, leads, and blockquotes
    • Keyboard shortcuts for common tools (more info coming soon!)
  • Tables
    • Responsive tables (percentage widths!)
    • Helpful styles such as condensed, striped, bordered, and highlight on hover

What's not working in the modern editor?

  • Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11 has some modern editor issues, including the articles not automatically scrolling or resizing and glossary items being added to the end of the articles rather than where you put them. Probably best to use another browser or stick with the legacy editor until we sort this out.
  • Small screens are not showing all the options in the WYSIWYG. If you are on a tablet, smaller laptop, or a phone, the editor probably is missing some thing right now.
  • Anchors are not currently available in the modern editor unless you want to venture into the HTML. Best use the legacy editor for that for now! 
  • Code blocks are not currently available. While you can use the preformatted text block in the paragraph dropdown for code snippets, we do not currently have a code editor with language highlighting.
  • There is currently no tool to add iFrames. Use the legacy editor for now unless you want to dive into the HTML.
  • The link tool is missing an Email option to create mailtos. You can use the legacy editor or specify a email option by prepending "mailto:" to the email address in the URL field, like "".
  • Lists currently do not have the ability to choose list styles; it's currently bullets or numbers. Use the legacy editor or HTML to specify different options. 
  • Some of the legacy inline styles are missing, including keyboard, typewriter, and computer code. 
  • We are missing a div tool to wrap content and specify a class name.
  • You cannot specify your own hex colors in the color picker.
  • There's no find and replace.
  • Some articles from the legacy editor, especially ones with complex tables, don't convert well to the modern editor. If you switch to the modern editor and your articles look wrong, switch back before saving and let us know so we can help you get it converted.