Use tags + Manage filters for fast docs updates/audits (Nov. 16th)

Details for our next session: session:

  • Day: Wednesday, November 16th
  • Time: 2:00 - 2:30pm EDT
  • Topic: Learn the combination of features Kate uses to keep our support documentation up-to-date as features and bug fixes are released.

We don't consider a bug fix or a feature release "done" until a release note has been published and relevant existing documentation has been updated to reflect the changes. Once upon a time, we depended on a combination of search and memorizing our content structure to maintain this--and, well, that wasn't a great system. In this session, Kate will share a set of features and processes she uses to make documentation updates much faster and easier. These changes simplified our process from one that could take several hours and shaky confidence that we updated everything to one that can take just a few minutes with a very high degree of confidence.

If you only watch one Wisdom Wednesday session ever, make it this one. It will change your life. 😁

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