Look & feel

There are a number of ways you can adjust your knowledge base's look and feel so that it "fits" you. Most of these changes can be found in one of four places:

Settings > Basic

The Settings > Basic page controls a lot of knowledge base-wide settings, including:

  • Time zone
  • Date/time format
  • Default language
  • Links and default behavior in your table of contents
  • New/updated callout duration

Style Settings controls

The easiest look and feel changes can be made using the controls in the lefthand menu of the Settings > Style page.

Here, you can:

See Setting your overall theme for more information.

Knowledge Base > Home Page

We provide a template layout for your home page that pulls your top-level categories and creates some automatic article lists. You can make some changes to your home page in Knowledge Base > Home Page. (More changes can be made in Settings > Style in the Custom HTML for the Home Page).

For more information on working with this page, see Homepage look and feel.

Style Settings customizations

The Settings > Style page also offers two sections where you can get a lot more detailed in your customizations:

  • The Custom CSS section allows you to add CSS styles to style your knowledge base
  • The Custom HTML templates let you change the template layouts we use to generate pages in your knowledge base.

We provide examples of common Custom CSS and Custom HTML tweaks in the Look and feel subcategories, so if you've never worked with CSS before, don't be afraid! Take a look through some of the customizations and see what would be a good fit for you.