Merge tags

Like your product, company, and policies, tags might change over time. And without clear style guidelines (and even sometimes with them!), different authors might create differently-structured tags. Linus has faced this problem several times in our documentation, for example, some content was tagged with SSL cert and some was tagged with ssl certificate. What's an owl to do?

Users with our default Editor or Writer roles, or those with custom roles who have permission to both edit and delete tags have the option to merge two tags together.

Merging allows you to replace one tag with the other and delete the now unneeded tag. It's fast and much easier than auditing articles through a Manage filter.

To merge tags:

  1. Go to Library > Tags.
  2. Click on the tag you'd like to merge into another tag. This will be the tag that gets removed. Here, we'll use SSL cert and merge it into ssl certificate.
  3. With the tag selected, the Edit and Delete links will become activated. Click on the Edit link.
    Click the tag you'd like to merge and then click the Edit link
  4. This will open the Edit Tag pop-up. If you have the proper permissions to merge tags, you'll see a Merge into different tag option in the lower left. Click on this link.
    Click the Merge into different tag link to begin the merge process
  5. On the next screen, you'll be able to search for the "new" tag you'd like to merge this tag into. Start typing the name of the New tag you'd like to merge this tag into and select the correct name. Here, I'm using our ssl certificate tag as the new tag.
    Add the tag you'd like to merge the current tag into
    During the merge:
    • The "new tag" will be added to all of the current tag's articles. For example, all articles with "SSL cert" will get the "ssl certificate" tag added as part of the merge. It will also remain in your Tag Library moving forward.
    • The "current" tag will be deleted from your Tag Library and all articles when the merge is complete. Any Manage filters including this tag will have the tag removed.
  6. Once you've added the "New tag" you'd like to keep, click the Merge Tags button to begin the merge.
    Click the Merge Tags button to begin the merge
  7. You'll see a confirmation message to be sure you want to merge these tags. Tag merges cannot be undone. Click OK to complete the merge.
  8. When the merge is complete, you'll be directed back to the main Tag Library screen.