Remove the homepage welcome text

By default, the title of your knowledge base will display above the search bar of your homepage in a "Welcome to...." statement.

If you want to remove that Welcome statement entirely, and you don't want to replace it with any other text, you can do that. Good use cases for this are when your homepage bannr image already contains your company logo or knowledge base.

To remove the homepage title, delete one line of HTML from the Home Page Custom HTML template:

  1. Go to Settings > Style.
  2. Below the preview pane, be sure Custom HTML is selected.
  3. In the Custom HTML dropdown, select Home Page.
  4. Delete the line that says <h1 class="hg-article-title" >[homepage("title")]</h1> (in our default template, it should be the second line of code, but yours may look different):
  5. You can Preview Changes to see the updated look.
  6. Your custom HTML should now look something like this, and your title should be gone:
    Same code example, title removed
  7. Be sure to Save your changes once you're done.