Look and feel

Change your knowledge base look and feel to match your design/branding.

Homepage look and feel

Customize the homepage of your knowledge base.

Overall look and feel

Change your top navigation, footer, and overall layout/theme.

Article look and feel

Change the way content displays in articles: style numbered lists, add tables of contents, create tabs or accordion sections, and more.

Table of contents & organization

Set whether your TOC shows categories expanded by default, add links or a search bar to your TOC, and more. Most of these options are in Settings > Basic.

Search look and feel

Change the search "No Results" message, the search bar placeholder, and hide individual tags from search results.

PDF look and feel

Style your individual article, full PDF, and custom PDF downloads to force page breaks, display content only in PDFs (such as banner images), and display clickable links.

Glossary look and feel

Change the look and feel of glossary term highlighting and definition pop-overs, the glossary page, and glossary terms shown in search results.

Default HTML

Delete something you needed, or just want to reference the default Knowledge Base HTML as a template? We've got you covered.

Merge codes

Learn how merge codes allow you to create custom look and feel.