What does merging tags do?

In each tag merge, there are two tags:

  • The current tag (the tag you began the merge from)
  • The new tag (the tag that will remain when the merge is complete)

Merging will:

  • Add the new tag to all articles that have the current tag
  • Remove the current tag from all articles
  • Delete the current tag from the Tag Library

Let's assume I'm using this scenario in my merge:

A sample tag merge scenario

SSL cert is the tag I began the edit and merge with.

When I complete the merge:

  • That SSL cert tag won't exist anymore
  • All articles that had SSL cert as a tag will have the ssl certificate tag
  • Articles that had both tags will just get the SSL cert tag removed
  • Any Manage filters that used SSL cert tag as a filter will have the tag removed--you'll need to manually update them to add the ssl certificate tag