Share articles between categories and knowledge bases

You have the ability to share an article in multiple categories and across knowledge bases. The content (body) of the article as well as all versions will stay in sync across all shared articles. Each article can choose to have its own title, restrictions, and callouts. These are called shared content articles.

You can update any of the articles to update the content of them all.

To share an existing article in another category or knowledge base:

  1. On the Articles page, navigate to the location where you wish to add the article.
  2. Click the + Add Article button.
  3. Select the Share content from an existing article option.
  4. Additional options will appear below. If you have multiple knowledge bases, the knowledge base you're currently in will be selected, but you can select a different knowledge base's articles to search.
  5. Next, in the Search for existing article field, start typing part of the article's name. This is an exact match search, and the dropdown will offer you articles that match your search.
  6. Once the article you wish to share content with appears, select it.
  7. This will copy the Article Title field at the top, based on the shared content article's title. You can change this if you wish.
  8. Once you're done selecting the article and editing the title (if needed), click the Add and Edit button in the lower right to complete the content sharing.
  9. This will open the new, shared content article. It will have all the content of the article you selected when you created it. It will open in Draft mode and will have a banner reminding you that this content is linked to an article in another location. Use the links in this banner to quickly navigate to the synced content article or the knowledge base where this is located.
    Sample warning message for a child shared content article
  10. You are now free to make any other changes as necessary to the article. Remember that any changes to the article body will be updated in all shared content articles.

For information on what gets shared and how, see Shared content articles.