Link to Article

The Link to Article feature is helpful when referencing another article or category within KnowledgeOwl. It dynamically creates the links based on the unique ID of the articles, so you never have to worry about changed permalinks breaking links in your knowledge base.

New Editor

Legacy Editor

To create a link to another article:

  1. Click Insert Link to Article (or Link to Article in the Legacy editor).
  2. This will open the Add Link to Article pop-up. Start typing in the article title you'd like to link to in the Title of Article or Category field. Articles and categories matching what you've typed in will pop up below. Click on the article you'd like to link to.
  3. Type in the Link Text you'd like to use. This is the text that will be displayed on the page for the link.
  4. The Link Text, Link Name, and Link Title will automatically be set to the article or category's title. You can overwrite these if you'd like:
    • Link Text is the text that will appear in your article. We recommend adjusting this if the article title doesn't make sense in the context of the article, or to change capitalization, etc.
    • Link Title is text that will be displayed when someone hovers over the link.
    • Link Name is a largely unused link field now in modern web design, but may still be used by some accessibility tools. We recommend using identical text for the Link Title and the Link Name.
  5. By default, links will open in the same tab. You can set them to open in a new tab by checking the box next to Open in new browser tab.
  6. Once you've finished editing the link, click the Add Article Link button to insert the link into your article.
    Click the Add Article Link button to insert your link

Once inserted, you can edit the hyperlink in the future as you would any other hyperlink.

Here's a sample for a link to an article we have called "How do bulk edits/deletes work?" This will insert a link that looks like this: how bulk edits work.
Sample Add Link to Article configuration

How can I tell if a link to an article was created using Link to Article?

Hyperlinks inserted this way don't use the normal article URL as the URL for the hyperlink. Instead, they use a specially-structured code that references the article ID that begins with hg-id.

If you'd like to check if a hyperlink was created using this method:

  1. Click on the hyperlink.
  2. Click the Edit Link icon.
    Click the Edit Link option for the hyperlink
  3. This will open a pop-up with the link details. If the hyperlink URL includes hg-id: followed by a long string of letters and numbers, it was created using Link to Article:
    Note the hg-id: in the URL; this URL uses the Link to Article