Get started with a new knowledge base

Getting started with your first knowledge base--or creating an additional knowledge base from scratch--can seem like an overwhelming task. We've come up with these lists of questions/considerations to help make the process more straightforward.

A few quick notes on using these lists:

  • Technically, you don't have to do any of these things to start creating content. But we want you to have a framework for making a thoughtful evaluation or successful implementation of KnowledgeOwl. 😊
  • These steps aren't linear, so you're welcome to tackle them in any order you'd like. Trust your instincts and have some fun.
  • Some steps may be unnecessary based on your knowledge base configuration/needs.
  • This list includes some workflow/best practice items--these are suggestions, not requirements!

Before you begin

While we all love building a new knowledge base (SO EXCITING), it's good to have a quick intro to KnowledgeOwl and give some thought to what you want this knowledge base to be/do.

Here's what we suggest:

Building your knowledge base

Best practices & ongoing maintenance