Set your knowledge base time zone, date, and language

In your knowledge base, you can localize your knowledge base to set:

  • The time zone your dates will display in
  • The format for dates
  • The default language (sets the underlyingHTML "lang" attribute, which helps screen readers know what the primary language you're using is)

To do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Basic.
  2. In Basic Settings, use the Timezone dropdown to select the time zone of your choice.
  3. In the same section, you can choose an appropriate Date Format. The default is American: MM/DD/YYYY. You can also choose a pre-built European format: DD/MM/YYYY or define your own Custom format. For the custom format, you can see some samples with their output in the official PHP documentation, in the date() Formatting section.
    • For example, to use a format of YYYY-DD-MM, use: Y-m-d
    • Or, to use MM.DD.YY, use m.d.y
  4. Also in the same section, be sure to set your knowledge base's Default Language.
  5. Be sure to Save your changes once you're done.

Here, for example, we've set our knowledge base to use the US & Canada's Mountain Time zone, a Custom date format of, and English as our Default Language: