Tags in searches

Tags are displayed in search to give the reader additional context as to what the article is about and what it relates to. A reader can click on a tag to navigate to a list of all articles with that tag. 

Sample search results with tags displayed

Clicking on a tag performs a special operation in the search that bypasses the regular search and returns a list of all articles with the same tag. You can manually perform a tag search by putting a colon in front of the tag name, like this:

See Tag Searches for more information on how tag search works.

Don't want a tag to show up in search results? Set it to be hidden from readers: see Hide tags from Search Results for more information!

Listing articles by tag

If you like, you could get really fancy and create a link that lists all articles with a certain tag. The link would look something like this, replacing "flying" with your tag. 


You may also need to replace "help" with "home" if that's how your knowledge base is set up.

For example, this link will search for the "subscription" tag referenced in the above screenshots: https://support.knowledgeowl.com/help/search?phrase=:subscription