Help readers reset their passwords

If you use self-administered reader passwords, readers should be able to reset their password without your help, using the Reset password link on the login page. You can Set up self-administered reader options to configure things like password expiry.

Refer to What's the difference between admin managed and self-administered reader passwords? to learn more about the different types of reader password management.

If you need to manually reset a reader's password:

  1. Navigate to Your Account > Readers.
  2. Select the reader.
  3. Follow the steps for your reader password management type:
    • For self-administered readers:
      1. Select Reset Self-Administered Password.
      2. Choose either:
        • Email reader a randomly generated temporary password: this has the same effect as the reader going through the password reset process.
        • Assign a custom temporary password: when you select this, KnowledgeOwl shows a Temporary Password field, allowing you to enter a temporary password of your choice. When you use this option, KnowledgeOwl does not automatically send an email with the new password. You must email the password to the reader.
    • For admin-managed readers, Enter a new password in the Admin Managed Password field.
  4. Select Save to apply your changes.