Modern & Legacy Contextual Help Widget (deprecated)

As of August 2022, we have deprecated the Legacy and Modern widgets. See Deprecation of Modern & Legacy widget for more information.


How the widget works
One of the biggest concerns folks have when adopting a knowledge base is that toughest of questions: how do I get people to actually use my documentation? Very often, requiring that folks go to yet another website--like your KnowledgeOwl knowledge...
Widget Installation
To install the widget in your site or application, you will need to have access to make updates to the HTML code. Once you have access, follow these steps to install the widget: In KnowledgeOwl go to Settings > Widget . Configure the widget...
Using the Widget for Contextual Help: Pages to Recommend On
Pages to Recommend On allows you to provide contextual help to your readers through the embeddable contact form widget or the API. You can provide a list of relevant articles based on the page the person opened the widget from, which may elimina...
Modern Slideout Widget Authentication with Oauth2
Learn how to use Oauth2 authentication with the Modern Slideout and Legacy widgets.
Using the Modern Slideout Widget on Single Page Applications
The Problem If you've set up "Recommend on Pages" for contextual help , by default, when an end-user navigates to a new page, the widget grabs that URL and uses it to suggest contextual help content. This method works fine for appl...
Modern Widget + Zendesk Contact Form
If you set up the Zendesk contact form integration , using the Contact Us button in the Modern Widget will open a ticket in your Zendesk site, just like using the full contact form in the knowledge base. If you are using the Zendesk contact form...
Deprecation of Modern & Legacy widget
We will no longer be actively updating the Modern Slideout and Legacy widgets, but they will continue to work.