Contact Form

Help your readers contact you or open tickets from your knowledge base.


Contact form overview
Use your knowledge base's built-in Contact Form to allow your readers to email you or create tickets in your helpdesk ticketing system.
What data is collected in the Contact Form?
The Contact Form can track data your reader enters as well as metadata about their browser, IP address, and operating system.
Create Tickets from Customers in your Help Desk or CRM
Set up the Contact Form to automatically email or create tickets when a reader reaches out.
Create Zendesk Tickets
Learn how to set up the Contact form to create tickets in Zendesk.
Create Freshdesk Tickets
Learn how to set up your Contact Form to create tickets in Freshdesk.
Update wording in the Contact Form
Customize the wording in your Contact Form using the Customize Text tool and the Contact Form Text settings.
Customize Contact Form Link
Don't like the default "Contact Us" label used in your top navigation? Use the Customize Text tool to change it.
Contact form submission email delivery issues
Learn how to identify and resolve contact form submission email issues.
Custom fields
Learn how to add custom fields to your contact form.
Bypass contact form self-serve
Use these steps to skip the contact form's initial search and self-serve prompts and take your readers straight to the final form to submit it.
Open the contact form with certain details filled in
Use URL paramaters to prepopulate certain fields in the contact form, making it faster and easier for your readers to submit the form!
Add template text to the start or end of the contact form's subject
Add preset text to the beginning or end of your contact form subject line in order to create rules or filters in your email or help desk.
Fix error for site owner on Contact Form
Follow these instructions to remove the error for site owner: invalid domain for site key from your contact form.