Adding images to articles

Learn how to add screenshots and other images to the body of your article.


Adding images to articles: Modern Editor
Learn how to insert an image into your articles using Modern Editor.
Adding images to articles: Legacy Editor
Learn how to insert images into articles using the Legacy Editor.
Custom image captions
How to create and format image captions
Adjust image width for all images
Learn how to change the default max-width of images from 100% to 70%.
Display images side-by-side
Here are three different techniques for displaying images side-by-side in your documentation.
Adding images in bulk
Learn how to upload multiple images at once into your File Library.
Editing and updating files
How to edit and update existing files in your File Library.
Image upload errors
Got an image that keeps erroring when you try to upload it? Learn what might be causing the errors and how to resolve them.