Article version notes

For each version of an article, you can also add Version Notes.

This field is a free-form text field. You can use it to add notes about the content, what's changed between versions, or provide editorial feedback to other content authors in the version Note field. Version Notes are only visible in the editor, and you can view version notes for all versions, even those you don't currently have open in the article editor.

In the Versions list, versions without any notes will have a grey icon with a plus sign to the right of them.

Versions that have notes will have a yellow notes icon to the right.

For example, in this screenshot, version 4.01 does not have notes, but all the other versions do:

Sample version list. All versions have notes except version 4.01. To view or edit a version note:

  1. Click that notes icon:
    You can make edits in the text box itself.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.
  3. Click Cancel to close the note without saving your changes.
  4. You can also click anywhere outside of the note to close the note box if you haven't made any edits

The text field can hold a large amount of text. If more text is available, a scrollbar will appear. You can use the scrollbar or drag the lower right corner to view additional text:

gif showing the version note field scroll and window extensionVersion Note scrolling and window resize