Use the KnowledgeOwl Webhooks Slack app

We're working on getting our Slack app added to the Slack App Marketplace. Until it is officially approved, it can only be installed by Slack workspace owners.

To use the official KnowledgeOwl Webhooks Slack app:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select Webhooks from the dropdown.
  3. Select the Create New Webhook button.
    Select the Create New Webhook button to begin the process.
  4. This will open a pop-up where you can configure your webhook:
  5. Choose the Knowledge Bases you want to receive notifications about.
  6. Choose the Webhook Events you want to receive notifications about. See Available webhook events for more details.
  7. Select Slack from the Webhook Type dropdown.
  8. Click the Authorize Slack Endpoint button.
  9. This should open a new window asking you to authorize the app to access your Slack workspace. (If you're not logged into a workspace, you'll be prompted to log in and/or select the workspace.)
  10. In that pop-up, select the channel you'd like to have the Slack App post to.
  11. Then click Allow.
  12. Once you click Allow, we'll finish the webhook creation process. You should be directed back to KnowledgeOwl, where you'll get a confirmation message that the webhook was created. You should also see a new notification in your Slack channel from the KnowledgeOwl Webhooks app saying "Webhook subscription test successful."

You can see which Workspace and Channel the Slack app is tied to in the webhook details, too:

You should now see a new Slack message appear in the designated channel whenever the selected Webhook Events occur.