Contact form overview

KnowledgeOwl's Contact Form gives your readers a way to email you or submit a ticket to your existing ticketing system.

The contact form is not meant to replace your current ticketing system. It is designed to add some power to it. With the KnowledgeOwl contact form, you can continue to use the email address or help desk account you are currently using for support tickets but it will be funneled through our system first.

Our contact form easily integrates with Zendesk, Freshdesk, and any other existing systems that accept email submissions. You can also use the contact form within our contextual help widget, which can create a contextual popup contact form and suggestion tool in your knowledge base, website or application.

By default, all knowledge bases are created with the Contact Form enabled, using the email address of the person who created the knowledge base as the Send To email address.

Why should I use your contact form?

By having support requests go through our system, we can track additional information such as what the person was searching for and what they did after they searched. If you utilize both the contact form and the widget, we can get even more information like the exact screen of your application they were on when they performed the search.

Are there any other benefits?

Our contact form is designed with preventative support in mind. Because of this, when a reader tries to submit a ticket we will first ask them to enter the subject line of their request. We then take that subject line and do a search for any articles in your knowledge base that might be able to answer their question.

If we find any articles that match, we will display them inline to the reader so that they can look at them without having to leave the contact form. If they do find help in one of those articles, great! We prevented a ticket. If they don't find help there, they can click "Submit" and finish filling out the rest of the form. By having them go through this process we can collect data about them, and try to answer their question before they have to contact us.