Manage Articles: new filter option + bug fixes

It's the first release note of 2022. Can you feel that fresh year of changes crisp in the air? 😀

We decided to start 2022 off on a good note by giving Manage Articles a little bit of love.

First, exciting news if you love using tags:

We've added a new filter option to identify articles that don't have any tags.

Here in our support knowledge base, we use tags on nearly every piece of content to help identify which screens or features are referenced by an article, so we know when to update them. Since pretty much every article should have some kind of tag, periodically we like to check to be sure that we haven't missed adding tags to any new content (it happens to the best of us!). Previously, I had to do these audits by downloading an export from Manage and using Excel to filter the CSV for blanks in the tags column.

No longer!

Now, there's a filter option to "Exclude all tagged articles":

When this box is checked, you won't see the "Included Tags" and "Excluded Tags" filter options. (And if you previously had those set, checking this box will clear those fields out.)

Bug fixes

While we were in here, we also fixed some bugs in the Manage interface.

Two of these were with various filters:

  • When using the Visibility filter, selecting the "Public only" option was still showing articles that had inherited reader group restrictions. We've updated this filter logic so it properly excludes all articles that have any combination of explicit or inherited reader group restrictions.
  • If you used a Custom Date filter combined with any of the Visibility filters, the article list returned was basically ignoring the Visibility filter and only matching on the Custom Date filter. We've updated the logic here to ensure that when you have a custom date filter + visibility filter selected, both filters are applied to the article list.

The third has to do with sorting and searching:

If you had a filter opened, and you'd clicked the Article Name, Last Modified, or Date Created columns to sort the articles, and you then searched within the filter, you'd basically lose the overall sort you'd originally selected. If you reapplied the sort, it would only sort within each page, across all pages.

We've fixed this so that searching within a filter preserves the overall filter sort.