Readers page: Now with filters and other delights 🎁

We're proud to announce some major improvements to the Readers page this week (some of which were suggested by amazing customers as part of our annual survey last year!). Here's a visual preview:

The details

We basically gave the Readers page a Manage Articles-style makeover, with:

  • 5 Standard filters (Active, Pending Approval, SSO Readers, Non-SSO Readers, and Deleted)
  • The ability to create custom filters to filter by:
    • Last Active date
    • Create date
    • Pending approval status
    • Include only SSO readers/Exclude SSO readers
    • Active/deleted status
    • Reader group membership (including a No Groups filter to show readers who aren't assigned to a group)
    • Site access (aka knowledge bases, so you can audit who has access to which knowledge bases!)
      Sample custom filter configuration
  • A CSV export that respects the current filter/search phrase, so you can use the filters to generate CSVs to complete audits, create reports, and so forth
  • For those of you using Reader signups, the Pending Approval filter now takes the place of having to search for "pending" to find pending readers

And, as a small usability change: clicking on a reader will now open that reader's details in a separate tab so that you don't have to click Back after you open/edit a reader's account.

Also, huge shout-out to a couple keen-eyed customers who spotted this change before we announced it and let us know where they had questions or troubles--we have smoothed out a few of those rough patches!

Still to come

We're working on some different Bulk Edit and approve/deny options here, so this page will still get some more love in the coming months.

Let us know what you think of the changes and what else you'd like to see us do here!