How favorites work

All favorites are stored on an individual reader basis, giving your readers the control to add and remove favorites from their list as they see fit.

As an author, you will also be able to add and remove articles from your favorites as long as you are logged into the knowledge base or use the View KB / View Article links from within

Add an article to your favorites

To add an article to your favorites, click in the star (or whatever icon you've replaced it with) next to the article title.

Favorited articles will have a filled-in icon:

You can favorite up to 10 articles at a time; once you have reached that maximum, you won't be able to favorite any more.

Remove an article from your favorites

To remove an article from your favorites, open the article and click in the star (or other icon). When that icon is no longer filled-in, it has been removed from your favorites.

Reorder your favorites

Your favorites will display in the order you added them, with the most recent at the top of the list. To rearrange, you can unfavorite and refavorite articles until you get the order you want.