Undo changes to Settings > Style

Sometimes, while trying out changes in our Look and Feel documentation or making other changes on the fly, you might suddenly get your knowledge base looking...not so great. Maybe you accidentally deleted something you needed, or you changed to a new color and you don't remember what was used before.

For these situations, you can rollback to a previous Style Setting save. To do so:

  1. Click the Revert to previous save link in the upper left, below the Save button (as shown in previous screenshot).
    The Revert to previous save link
  2. This will open a pop-up displaying the date and timestamp of the current active save and a dropdown of available previous saves. (We save a maximum of three previous saves.) For each previous save, you'll see:
    • The date the change was made
    • The time of the save
    • The name of the author who saved those changes
  3. Click the dropdown and select the previous save you'd like to revert to. Then click the Revert button.
    Select the previous save you'd like to revert to and click the Revert button
  4. This will open a confirmation window. Click OK to proceed with reverting to the previous save.
    Once you click the OK button, the previous settings will be instantly applied to your live knowledge base. (You do not need to click Save for them to be applied.)

  5. Your previous save's settings are now applied and live.

How many previous saves are available?

We will save the three most recent saves.

Which settings will be affected?

Reverting a previous change will rollback all changes to all settings available on this page. That includes:

  • All of the style settings down the lefthand menu (colors, fonts, logo, theme, layout, advanced options)
  • All Custom CSS
  • All Custom HTML templates
  • The Custom head

How quickly does the change take effect?

Once you select a previous save to revert to and confirm it, those settings will immediately replace the current Style Settings. In other words, once you click that button, your knowledge base will immediately show the previous save's style settings--no Save required.

If I rollback to my oldest save, can I then "roll forward" to a more recent save?

Yes. Once you have reverted to a previous save, the other recent saves remain available, so if you rollback to the oldest save, you can still "roll forward" to the more recent saves.

Why don't I see a "Revert to previous save" link?

The link only appears once your Style Settings have been saved twice. Make some more changes and save again!

Who can rollback to a previous save?

Only authors with permission to edit Style Settings can revert to a previous save. This includes our default Editor role.